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81 Johnston Street
Annandale, NSW, 2038

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Preschool 3 - 5 years

Our Pre-school 3-5 program is the perfect way for a 3 year old to begin their journey with The Music Garden and for 'graduates' from our Babies and Toddlers 0-3 yr classes to continue developing their musical and social skills.  Using songs the the wonderful "Four Little Engines" CD by the Music Cottage (as well as the occasional favourites from our earlier program and elsewhere), this program introduces several key music concepts such as sol-fege with hand signs, and traditional rhythm terms, notation, rounds and duets, while promoting greater independence in preparation for school and instrument learning.

We have lots of beautiful acoustic instruments for our graduates to discover as well as new ways of working with ones they have come to know and love in our Babies and Toddlers 0-3 yr classes. This class is a magical way to nurture and see your child's outrageous potential unfold week by week!

Classes last for 45-60 minutes.