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"Where love is deep, much can be accomplished" 

Shinichi Suzuki 

The Music Garden is a Suzuki Early Childhood Education  (Suzuki ECE) program.  The Suzuki Method is a world-wide movement of music education specialising in very young children started by Dr Shinichi Suzuki. Suzuki believed that “Every child can learn.  Everything depends on how he is raised.”  Our work is grounded in this philosophy.  We have faith that every child can develop a high level of musical ability, sensitivity, and interpersonal skills given the right surroundings and encouragement. In the Suzuki environment, parents and teachers work together to create an encouraging, fun, and loving environment to nurture the potential of every child.

Suzuki ECE was created by Dorothy Jones (a Canadian Suzuki Teacher Trainer) after a request from Dr Suzuki, and is founded on several key concepts of Suzuki philosophy:

  • Every Child Can Learn
  • Ability Develops Early
  • The Environment Nurtures Growth
  • Children Learn from One Another
  • Success Breeds Success
  • Encouragement is Essential
  • Parental Involvement is Critical

“The goal of Suzuki ECE is to create an environment for children, free from pressure in which they can gain skills, a sense of purpose in life, an understanding of discipline and an appreciation of beauty” – Dorothy Jones, Founder Suzuki ECE

The Music Garden Program is about more than music. As a Suzuki program, we are concerned with the development of the whole child, and so while we develop strong musical skills, we also focus on the character of the child, relationship and learning skills as these are all integral to how a child develops as a person. 

“Our purpose does not lie in a movement to create professional musicians but to create persons of beautiful mind and fine ability. We engage in human education through music so that children will grow with beautiful and high sensitivity through an unparalleled uniquely musical approach … Let’s really foster our children as cultured people. … What is a truly cultured person?  One who is kind, one who can pour affection on others, one who knows the joy of life, and enjoys striving for the sake of everybody’s happiness.” -  Shinichi Suzuki

For more about Dr Suzuki’s philosophy and ideas we recommend parents read “Nurtured by Love” and “Ability Development from Age Zero” by Shinichi Suzuki, check out our articles, and sign up for our newsletter.