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Babies and Toddlers 0 - 3 years

“My 2 year old daughter started her Music Garden classes when she was 3 months old. A lot of mums from mothers group or playgroup were surprised to see how good her speech ability was and how many rhymes she could sing. We also invited my daughter's young friends to join the class. Through the music journey, we are not only connecting with the music but also with our friends. Not to mention all the fun and the special moments starting from Lucia's first version of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’...”    Lulu, Music Garden Parent


Enjoying the benefits of a mixed age group, babies and toddlers attend each week with a parent, grandparent or carer and grow in a musical environment that is calm, respectful, encouraging and free from the pressure to perform. Sensitive to different developmental stages, we take the time to wait for each child to be ready and particpate in their own way as we understand that much learning occurs through observation.

Classes are carefully structured to maximise engagement, focus and enjoyment. Children love repetition, so we keep our classes very similar week to week, alternating two sets of songs so children develop a sense of understanding and safety from the regular structure of class. 

Our much-loved CD pack (see below) includes quality recordings of all the songs and rhymes that we use in class for you to play at home and create a quality musical home environment. It is the only ‘equipment’ you need in order to participate in this program. The simple activities we do in class make it easy for you to re-create these learning experiences at home, which in turn develops your child's ability and enjoyment. Designed as a pre-instrumental program, our 0-3 program is the perfect preparation for more formal music lessons, as well as a wonderfully complete experience in itself. Be warned, most parents find that after a couple of years in this program, their child is usually asking “When can I learn the violin/piano/flute/cello/guitar?” 

Classes last for 50-60 minutes. As a special gift for visitors to our website we are delighted to invite you to come for a Free Trial Class to experience The Music Garden for yourselves. Just click on Free Trial Class to find out more.