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About Us

The Music Garden has been operating continuously since 2004. Our carefully structured classes are taught by experienced and qualified Suzuki Music Teachers with a passion for working with babies and toddlers, and a deep belief in the potential of every child. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of parents, babies and toddlers, guiding parents on how to work with their child in class, and how to nurture their child’s development at home. We are proud that so many families choose work with us for the long term, from newborn to toddler to pre-schooler and honoured to support our parents and be a part of a child’s life during these tender, formative years. 

 "The Music Garden is by far one of the most positive Early Childhood Education experiences both my children and myself have experienced. Alina and Ester are so passionate about and committed to their “work”.  They have such a wonderfully welcoming and calming presence. No matter what kind of day you and your children may be experiencing outside class, The Music Garden is an opportunity to connect, to become absorbed in the music and everything seems so much better for having been to class. A very uplifting experience."

 Sonya, Music Garden Parent



Founder and Lead Teacher Annandale

Alina began Suzuki music as a student aged 6, and began her teaching career (piano and flute) as soon as she finished school. After completing a Science degree she decided to follow her passion for education, and spent a year at the Suzuki Talent Education Research Institute in Matsumoto, Japan, studying with Toshio Takahashi, founder of the Suzuki Flute Method, and graduated as a Suzuki Flute Teacher in October 1996, the first Suzuki flute student in Australia to do so.

After completing a Masters of Teaching on her return to Sydney, Alina continued her Suzuki training both here in Australia and the US studying with inspiring teachers from around the globe. She established The Music Garden in October 2004, one of the first Suzuki ECE programs in Sydney. In recent years, Alina has been invited to train and guide the next generation of Suzuki Early Childhood Music Teachers and Flute teachers.

 Parenthood, and seeing the impact of The Music Garden first hand on her own children has only deepened Alina’s appreciation and understanding of this work along with the challenges and delights of the under-3 age group. As a result, she is able to provide a unique blend of expertise and insight to support both children and parents through the journey of these precious early years and beyond with respect, love, and of course, music.

“It is an immense privilege and honour to be working with babies, toddlers and parents, witnessing the joy of discovery and learning unfold week after week. It is my hope that all our Music Garden children continue to love music and learning, and grow into kind, sensitive adults who help create a better world"



Lead Teacher - Lane Cove

Ester’s first experience with Suzuki music was as a 12 year old pianist when she started accompanying for a Suzuki cello studio in Spain. She was impressed not only by the standard of the students, but the teacher herself who treated all students with great respect while sharing her deep commitment to music and technical mastery.  Seeing this teacher work planted the seed of curiosity about this new method where children learnt to love music while working hard, gaining real ability and having fun.

After graduating with a Bachelor in Piano performance from Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Ester worked as a performer, chamber musician and accompanist. When she moved to Sydney in 2008 she began her training as a Suzuki piano teacher. In 2009 she was introduced to The Music Garden and the world of Suzuki Early Childhood Education. She attended a Suzuki ECE training with Dorothy Jones and has a developed a deep passion for the work. 

Ester is widely recognised for the quality of her teaching and is regularly invited to teach at Suzuki workshops and festivals. 

 “Before this I would have never thought of myself teaching music classes to babies and toddlers. What seemed a coincidence has completely changed my life. The joy of doing these classes has become a part of my life I can't live without, just the same as music. I want the children around me to be able to appreciate music as a beautiful, soothing, passionate art and make it part of their lives too.”