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Where love is deep, much can be accomplished
— Shinichi Suzuki

Every child is born with a strong life force and outrageous potential. Established in 2004, The Music Garden is a carefully structured music education program that nurtures the unique abilities and character of every child from the very beginning of life with love and respect.

Whether you are a professional musician, a lover of music, or someone who thinks they have limited or no musical ability whatsoever, The Music Garden was started to give all parents a place to come and start their child’s music education from the very beginning of life. Music is a core part of the human experience, a powerful tool for learning and brain/body development, and is so gentle that it can be used from before a baby is even born. As a Suzuki Early Childhood Music (SECM) program, the philosophy of pioneering music educator and humanitarian Shinichi Suzuki and his fierce belief in the unlimited potential of every child to be musical and to grow into a noble loving citizen of the world underpins everything we do. Suzuki believed that 'talent' as we generally understand it is not inborn, but rather fostered by the environment of the child. He wrote that it is up to parents and educators to consciously create the environment of the child, one that nurtures sensitivity, kindness, an appreciating of beauty, and a loving heart. The Music Garden is an environment that supports and guides parents who want to embark on this whole-person journey to give their children the gift of music. If that sounds like you, click on Free Trial Class and we look forward to welcoming you in person. 

p.s.  In 2012 a world-first Canadian study into music education of 6 month old infants has shown that babies who are in a Suzuki early childhood program like ours that includes acoustic instruments, repetition, CD listening, parental involvement, a core curriculum of traditional nursery rhymes, action songs and lullabies, along with musical activities, for 6 months or more develop measurable musical and social skills - click here to read more! 

p.p.s. you can sign up here to book in for a Free Trial Class, or just stay in touch - we'll send you our newsletter that is full of musical activities you can do with your child, concerts, articles, plus all that's happening at The Music Garden.